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Save time with educational courses in SPSS, Statistica or R Commander

One of the most important things in scientific research is to properly develop, analyze and present data so that a true research result can be published. Despite having advanced statistics tools, it may be difficult to choose the right method to quickly and easily perform the analyzes you want

Statistikakademin gives you the right tools

and great knowledge in both statistics and statistics tools. By spending two days together with our dedicated and competent teachers, you make great time gains when it comes to work before, during and after your research and its final result.

With Statistikakademin you get
  • Courses in statistics and statistics tool management
  • Possibility to choose between courses in SPSS, Statistica or R Commander
  • Course material specially designed for scientists
  • Customized courses for both beginners and experienced users
  • Course opportunities in several places in Sweden
  • Teachers with over 20 years of experience in educating scientists in statistics

Whether you think statistics are interesting or not we will help you with deep and useful knowledge to simplify your work while creating great time gains in your research work.

Welcome to Statistikakademin!


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